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- студент никаких изменений в разра
ботку не вносит; 28,0 23,0
- студент приобщает прочитанный текст
к источникам знаний, на которые он
ссылается при разработке ситуации
педагогического взаимодействия; 4,0 10,0
- студент вносит отдельные дополнения
в содержание собственной разработки
под влиянием прочитанного текста; 5,0 2,0
- студент изменяет логический план
педагогического взаимодействия под
влиянием прочитанного текста; 3,0 2,0
- студент вносит изменения в название
темы педагогического взаимодей
ствия, обоснование ее актуальности и
основной идеи. 4,0 16,0

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Фрагменты кооперативно структурированных уроков
английского языка по теме "США" для учащихся 11
класса средней общеобразовательной школы.

Урок № 1. Фрагменты.
Формирование у учащихся знаний об
1. Академическая.
открытии США.
Формирование у учащихся практических
2. Воспитательная.
а) запрашивать и воспринимать инфор-
мацию у других мини-групп;
б) налаживать межличностные отноше-
ния в кооперативной группе;
в) отбирать и перерабатывать усваивае-
мую новую информацию.
3. Размер коопера- 3-4
тивных групп
4. Тема урока. The discovery of the USA.
Карточки, текст (один комплект на
5. Учебный мате-
риал для выполне-
ния задания.
6. Учебные задания Listen o the story of Columbus and your
группам учащихся. group is to answer the following questions:

Group 1:
1) What was Columbus’s nationality?
2) How many continents did people know
before Columbus?
3) What did he want to discover?

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Group 2:
1) Were there many ships?
2) Were all the sailors glad to travel for so
many days, weeks?
Discuss them and give an answer, exchange
the opinions with another group.
Group 1 tells some new facts about
Columbus to group 2 and vice versa.
A task for all of you:
What kind of flag did he bring?
A new task.
Listen to the joke, you are to give an end. So
many ends!

"Among the passengers of the ship there was
a very talkative lady who asked the captain
lots of questions.
She asked: "Captain, what will happen if our
ship meets an iceberg in the ocean? "The
captain answered: ...
So you are given 2 minutes to discuss the
possible ending.
"eye to eye, knee to knee".
After pronouncing all the possible endings,
only one was chosen as the best.
"Nothing special, madam. The iceberg will go
on as if nothing had happened".

The teacher could ask anybody he wanted
from the group to be sure that all the
students knew the answer.

Find the matching ending, strain every nerve
to hear your friend’s opinion.

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Критерии успеха: - active participation;
- decision-making;
- desire for group-success.
- активное участие;
- принятие решений;
- желание группового успеха.

Урок №2. Фрагменты.

- to get grammatical and lexical skills.
1. Academic:
- to train imagination;
2. Social:
- to be ready to have a dialogue with your
3. Theme: Lexics training, grammar.
4. Group size: 5

Copy per group:

There is a joke without ending. Try to invent
a funny end in order to see some moral in it:
One traveler arrived at large city and wanted
to stay in the hotel.
"Are you a Democrat or a Republican?"
asked him the manager of the hotel.
"Why do you ask?"
"Because I know that a Republican likes to
have good food and rest and Democrat is
more interested in the care of his horse"
What did the traveler answer?
Round disc ussion. The t eacher may
Tasks and roles:
The right variant was:
"It happens so that I am a Republican but
my horse is a Democrat".

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3 minutes

Everyone of the group realizes the moral.
Criteria for success:

There’s a list of words before you and some
Tasks and roles:
synonyms are written on the board.
I am naming a synonym, your group tells me
a word from the list that corresponds to the
To look for something - to seek
to be sure - to be certain
to have something - to possess
to be alike - to have smth. in common
usual - common
a pity - mercy
to wreck - to ruin
to win - to conquer
a winner - a conqueror
Now the task is on the contrary - naming the
necessary antonym:
to build - to ruin
not to know / to doubt - to be certain
to find smth. - to seek
unusual - common
to lose - to possess
force, violence - mercy
to give up - to conquer
to lose the war - to win

Уметь оперировать, знать лексику по
Criteria for succtss
теме "Завоевание"; быть уверенным
(критерий успеха):
в том , ч то в с е ч л е ны группы е ю

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Work in pairs (работа в парах);
Tasks and roles
управляемые диалоги:
1. Peter, ask Tanya if she has something
in common with her mother.
2. Tanya, ask Natasha if she possess a
great natural ability.
3. Natasha, ask Olga if she is certain to
take an English exam.
4. Olga, ask Sasha if he is the conqueror of
women’s hearts.
5. Sasha, ask Peter if he is seeking for
Готовность учащихся вступать в
диалог с окружающими.

Урок №3. Фрагменты.
1. Академическая: Овладение
а) грамматическим материалом «to
have been done»;
б) выражениями для диалогической
2. Социальная: Готовность прийти на помощь.
3. Тема: The USA Washington.
4. Room arrangement "eye to eye"
(организация класса): ("лицом к лицу").

5. Tasks and roles: Separate words are written on the board.
You are to combine them in order to get a
full sentence.
Which group is the first - raise your hands.
1. Columbus, with a fleet of ships, the king
of Spain, asked, to fit him out.

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2. Into the Atlantic Ocean, in 1492, with 3
small ships, he sailed.
3. Was certain, he had discovered, that the
lands, called, Columbus, were part of
India, these islands, he, the West Indies.
4. A description, he had seen there, it was
called, a traveler, of some places, who
left, after Amerigo Vespucci, America.
5. Mercy, robbed and killed, the Spanish,
the natives, without, conquerors.
Все члены группы отвечают друг за друга;
Критерий успеха:
если кто-то не уверен, то оценка ниже.

A grammar moment:
Tasks and roles:
a phrase «to have been done»
I must have... 3 f to ask someone
want to have... V to do it for us.
1. Your watch is broken. (repair)
2. You want a new dress. (make)
3. Your socks are lost. (find)
4. You have a toothache. (pull out)
5. You need a ticket. (to buy)
6. You have a long hair. (cut)
7. You jacket is dirty. (wash)
8. The cat is ill. (cure)
9. Your friend has a lot of work. (to do)
Combine into pairs and try to solve the
problem, using the situation on the board. Try
to do the same with your friend’s problem.
Give 3 forms of the verbs:
Group work:
wear - ... - worn
... - had - had
... - was, were - been
tell - ... - told
say - said - ...
feel - ... - ...
hang - hung - ...

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... - found - found
... - thought - thought
mean - ... - meant
know - ... - known

Работа в парах: Play (make up) a dialogue using these
Can / could you do me a favour ?
Bear in mind that ...
It is worth ...
Ask T., P., N., S. If it’s worth:
- going to disco;
- studying;
- visiting the opera;
- hometask is worth doing.

Translate the sentences:
1. Я думаю, тебе стоит принять его
2. Я помогу тебе, но имей в виду, что я
3. Этот фильм стоит того, чтобы
его посмотреть, но не забывай, что
у тебя экзамен.
4. Вашингтон стоит посетить.
5. Эту передачу стоит послушать,
но имей в виду, что уже 6 часов.
Правильность ответов каждого члена
Критерий успеха:

Goal: get grammar skills, be ready to
Результаты урока
(Results of the lesson): Reward: group’s mark.

- active participation (активное участие);
Individual - decision-making (принятие решений);
accountability - desire for group success (желание
группового успеха).

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Урок №4. Фрагменты.
- быть способным говорить о главных
1. Академические
городах США;
- о географическом положении, реках,
- уметь представлять себя американца-
ми (владеть культурой, обычаями и
- поддержать друг друга;
2. Социальные
- развить чувство ответственности за
3. Тема "Round about" lesson on the topic USA
(заключительный урок по теме США).
- tape-recorder;
4. Materials:
- crossword;
- cards, pictures.
5. Procedure: Step 1.
Can you tell me everything that you know
about the USA in one sentence? I think you
can’t because you know too much about this
wonderful country. We have a «round about
lesson» where you’ll be able to show your
knowledge and language skills.
1. Where does the President of the USA live
and work?
2. Name the first American President.
3. Who is the President now?
4. Which river is the longest in the USA?
5. Who discovered America?
6. When did it happen?
7. Why is this country called America?

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8. What is the Arlington National Cemetery
famous for?
9. What city is situated on the Potomac
10. Decipher the abbreviation D.C.
11. How high is the Washington Monument?
12. For how many years is the President
13. What does Congress consist of?
14. What city is situated on the Hudson
15. What is the nickname of New York?
16. When was the Declaration of Inde-
pendence signed?
17. Name the most famous skyscrapers in
New York. (World Trade Center, Empire
State Building)
18. What American holidays do you know?

Step 2.

Now your task is to find the answer to the
Crossword Puzzle.

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