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custom-develop a more sophisticated hardware mounting solution for the specific laptop
you™re using.
As shown in Figure 15-17, the back panel is cut to allow the cord to pass through. Box frames
tend to have stronger back panels than standard picture frames. Use a saw to cut a clean
You can also consider future frame upgrades. You could cut cooling vents into the top and bot-
tom of the frame to allow fresh air to flow up through the frame using the chimney effect (hot
air rises). An external power switch would be a great addition, too.
Figure 15-17 shows the final product. Remember to plug it in so it boots up to the desktop.
Wait a minute for the screen saver to activate. And then watch the show!
362 Part IV ” Just for Fun

FIGURE 15-17: The digital picture frame.

Shutting Down the Frame
Shutting down the picture frame can be a tricky issue. If the laptop is unplugged, there™s a risk
of file damage. A better alternative is to initiate a shutdown remotely via PC Anywhere or the
Windows shutdown command.
The shutdown command is run from a command prompt. The format varies per operating sys-
tem, of course. On Windows XP, the syntax is
Shutdown -s -m \\computername
where computername is the network name of the digiframe laptop. It also works by entering a
TCP/IP address instead of a computer name.

The shutdown command is available for Windows NT, 2000, and XP. Windows 98 and ME do
not support remote shutdown.
Chapter 15 ” Making a Dynamic Wireless Digital Picture Frame

Updating Pictures
At this point, everything should be working, and the frame is sitting on a desk across the room,
or hanging on the wall. The next thing to do is to add and remove pictures to keep this thing
Browse the computer in the Network Neighborhood. Open the folder you created earlier
(C:\digipix in this chapter). Add, remove, or change the files in this folder. The screen saver
should automatically pick up the changes.

Extra Credit: Motion Video
Who says your picture frame needs to be frozen in time? Here are some ideas to liven things

Play videos using Windows Media Player. Set the player to loop continuously and set it
for full screen.
Play Macromedia Flash animations using Internet Explorer. Press F11 in to expand the
IE window to full screen mode.
Play back a previously recorded gaming session.
Install an information screen saver to feed headline news, stock quotes, and weather. If
the frame has an Internet connection, the information will automatically update. Stay up
to date with a wall-mounted digital dashboard!

Symantec PC Anywhere can help to manage motion video. Screen functions like full-screen
video work through PC Anywhere, but the frame rate will be very low, and color depth is
reduced. Use PC Anywhere to transfer and start the video or animation.

Everything on the digital frame is, well, digital. Added functionality is accomplished by means
of new components or devices. For example, you could add a USB video capture device and
watch videos on the frame. Or add an external DVD-ROM drive, and watch DVD movies.
This is getting a bit overboard, but the potential is there.
There is a lot of potential in having a computer display mounted on a wall at home or work.
With Wi-Fi, there is no limit to the possibilities.

This chapter showed you how to make a digital picture frame that can be so much more. By
taking apart a laptop computer and reassembling it inside-out, a hands-off display is created.
Digital pictures are just one way to use this wireless dynamic digital display.
364 Part IV ” Just for Fun

With a digital display on the wall, so many other possibilities are opened up. It™s just a matter
of choosing software that suits the environment. And with such low costs for these types of
older laptops, more than one per household is possible.
We covered a lot of projects in this book. With your new skill at pulling together parts and sys-
tems, many more projects are just around the corner. Here are some ideas to keep you going:

Banish the phone company with wireless voice-over-IP.
Install an MP3 player in your car and upload songs via Wi-Fi.
Share ideas by starting a wireless user group in your community!

Visit the Wi-Fi Toys section of the Extreme Tech Web site at
books/extremetech and let us know what you come up with. Who knows? Maybe the next
edition will feature your project.
Now go make some Toys!
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